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In today's economy, finding ways to leverage technology and services to be more efficient, reduce costs and develop flexibility to respond rapidly to the changing market is critical to survival. 

How will you enhance your competitive position by taking advantage of emerging technologies? 
How will you address the growing shortage of skilled IT personnel?
How will you scale your technology services in the face of flat or reduced budgets?
How will your network infrastructure support changes resulting from new business initiatives?

Network Business Consulting-
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benchmarking, strategy and audit services, Operational readiness assessments, information infrastructure strategic planning, and independent verification and validations.


Network assessments, architecture planning and design, process design and implementation, and change management  


Assessment, audits, policy development, planning and design, forensics training and investigations, and penetration testing.


Our services include

lan consulting thin client consulting
clustering consulting load balancing consulting
server replication consulting virtual server consulting
sharepoint consulting microsoft project consulting
project server consulting voip consulting
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